fredag 14. januar 2011

The last entry...

This will be the last entry I post on this blog. The reason for that is because the semester is now over and done. It has been really much fun with this subject and I would love to have it for the next semester too, but that won't do. I have learned a lot about taking pictures and editing in photoshop and other programs.

I have had a lot of fun this semester, though it's also been hard to keep the deadlines. But at least I now know what I must work on later.

So, as I don't have so much more to say, I guess I will end the blog entry here

Bye! C:

Pride - Gay Pride

So, this is the last assignment we had. For this task I choose Pride, which changed to Gay Pride.
I had two of my classmates, Maria and Maren, to help me. Thank you so much!

The reason I choose gay pride, is simply because I think it's something that people should focus a bit more on. A lot of straight people are irritated and feel that gay pride is all-over, just as they frown upon gay parades. But I mean that they should know better that to do that. There are a lot of people in this world that discriminate gay people and look down on them. I know a person who said that being gay and gay pride is just like this: "It's just a bit of an "I like chocolate" vs. "I like strawberry" sort of thing. Should somebody be proud just because they like their own gender? I don't believe so, but they certainly shouldn't be ashamed. To each their own."

Well, gay pride isn't quite like chocolate vs. strawberry. It's like preferring strawberry in a society that says, "Chocolate is the only good! Anyone who likes strawberry is stupid/sinful, and should be punished and will burn in hell!" and choosing to stand up and say, "You know what? I like strawberry. I don't think that's wrong," and risking punishment and abuse that could escalate to murder.
Except for gay people, it isn't about dessert. It's about being able to spend one's life with a lover, openly and honestly.
So, being proud of liking one's own gender? No, that's not a big deal. But choosing to put everything at risk for love... that's something to be proud of.

 There are a lot of symbols that show others that you are gay, rainbow for example is one of the most well-known of them all. There are also the greek letter Lambda and the pink triangle.
 Here is a picture of Maria's eye, which i did the rainbow make-up to.
 Maria with a rainbow flag and a rainbow pin.

"We're only flaunting our gay pride because too many people tell us to change."
It's true really. If there wasn't anyone looking down on gay people there wouldn't be anything to have a parade for. If people would just accept it as it is.

Well, now that's said, I will say something about the pictures.
In the first picture I used a mini-flag and my necklace. I changed a lot on the aperture value so that the necklace would be in focus.

In the second picture I wanted to have focus on the rainbow so I took a closeup picture of Maria's face. Then I edited t a bit in photoshop, to make the colours clearer.

In the third photo I had Maren to hold up the flag as a background for Maria. Then she were supposed to stand and 'look proud.'

In the last photo I had Maria and Maren sit together, and, as you can see, I made it a black-white picture with only the rainbow on Maren's chin be coloured.

I really liked this assignment, because it gave us the opportunity to do what we wanted to do ourselves, not what the teacher wanted. It's just too bad that is was the last assignment we had in this subject. 

It's a wrap. Bye C:

tirsdag 4. januar 2011

5 Categories v.2

We had another assignment were we should take pictures of five categories.
This time the categories were;
4. (blender/lukker)
5. Documentation

I will not post all the pictures in one go, but they'll come eventually.

The first category I will post is, Light

Then water;

Next, Portrtrait;

...okay, I'll have to finish this later it seems, because the class is over for today =w=

torsdag 16. desember 2010

Last task...

The last task we got in Photography was 'choose a task you want to do'. So, we can pretty much do whatever we want to.

I have chosen a theme that I'm going to take pictures related to. The theme I've chosen is..(insert drum-roll here)..PRIDE!

I don't know yet, how or where I'm gonna take the pictures, but you'll see when I post them.

torsdag 9. desember 2010

5 Categories

We had an assignment were we should take pictures of five categories. The categories were; Autumn, Animals, Fruit, Children who want's to grow up and Composition.
We should post 2 pictures in each category and one favorite picture. That is 9 pictures together =w= hooray! I can count to 9
The fist category I have is fruit.

The idea to these pictures take pictures of fruit. Duh! o_0
I creates a rhythm when the apples lies like they do in the second picture, with the three green and three redishpink apples. I didn't do anything special with the light but I have edited it a bit so the colors became clearer.
I have learned that it's really smart to spray some water on the fruit before you take pictures of them, because then they look so much more delicious.

The second category is animals, and in this context cat and horse.

Aww I love those two. They're so cute C:
Well, I suppose I can say, first of all, that it's just a coincident that I got those pictures.
The POI in the pictures are the horse's face, the ball, the eyes and the eyes again. I have as usual edited the colors brighter. I have learned that it's really just a coincident that you get awesome pictures of animals.

Next category; Autumn

I like the colors in these pictures! C: 
The POI in the first picture is a leaf (oh jee, didn't see that one coming) and in the second one it's  the shadow in the background-ish. =w=
I have learned that you should not wait until last minute before you go out and take pictures. It's really not that smart o_0  if you change the scene wheel something on the camera, you get completely different pictures C:


First of all, I have absolutely NO idea what this category is about. (great now my teacher will think I'm a douche :C ) Seriously, I did not understand what the teacher told me ^^U Some persons said that I could just take a random picture of something and some said that it was about the lines and stuff in the picture. So, I decided to take a mix of both....ish.
The first one is of a sunflower and a wasp. (Which I failed to see was a wasp, until AFTER I had taken the picture and then I went like HOLY FUCK! O_O) The POI is the wasp, and I don't know what I can say about the picture really ._.

The second picture is of my little sister when we went skiing. The POI is the pink ski-pants she's wearing (doh! They're kinda like...glowing..or something...)  
You can see the contrast very clearly, because the snow is white and so is the background (because of the snow) and she is....well...not. She's like a lighthouse in the middle of the night...or something... C: 


Okay, this is my favorite picture. That's because of the story behind....
Well, you see. Me and my family were at Hovden ski-center. My sister an I were out skiing, she were in front of me on the way down, and suddenly I couldn't see here anymore. My fist thought were something like "How the hell did she go so fast?" and as I continued a little bit down I suddenly saw a foot with a ski on sticking up from the ground. Then I just "GREAT! I have to dig!" Yeah, I actually thought that I had to dig her up from where she was. Now that I look back I realize that I would not be possible for her to get UNDER the snow -.-'''  Anyway, I ran a little further down and then I saw her lying there just like on the picture. I laughed SO hard! I actually fell over because I laughed so much. It was hilarious. I still have no idea how she managed to get herself into that, but it was so much fun.

I do actually like the picture for more that the story itself. I like that it's completely white (lalalala don't look at the trees, they're not there) except for her.

And with that, this post is done. Yay! : D

-Ja Ne

PS. I know that I don't have the category 'Children who want's to grow up.' but I did not have the opportunity to take any pictures of children D=


Yay! More photoshop! n_n

So, this time the teacher told us about how about all of the pictures we see in the media like commercials and stuff, are manipulated.

Here's an exaple on how a picture can be manipulated.

onsdag 24. november 2010


This day,(whenever the hell that was) we learned a little about editing images in Photoshop.
We learned to make images into black and white, but since then the images are often very dreary and boring, we also learned to adjust the contrast in our images. The pictures became so much awesome-er (that's not even a word, is it? o_0) After that we learned something even awesome-er, how to erase the blackish colour so the original colour come through on that specific part of the picture.

Now, you will see...*drumroll, just because*  what I'm actually talking about -w- 

Borkvinn <3 aww, I loved that horse (the colored one, I kinda hate the other one xD) Daww I miss him T_T

Yellow eyes! *o*

Ah, yes I know I used the same picture for two of the examples but I thought it was a OK picture to use because of the colours that is in it. (gaah! yes it's me, cosplay FTW! >w<)

So this is pretty much everything we did...I think...I don't remember so well ^^U
...oh well, whatever -w-


tirsdag 9. november 2010


Today, yes, today(!) I'm not late with this entry *o* we were playing around with a reflector to see how we could change the pictures with light and shadows. I was in the same group as Maria and Maren.
I'm putting in some pictures that we took, where you can see the difference from when we were reflecting the light and making shadows.

On this picture of Maria, we used the reflector to create more light to the picture.

 And on this picture, we created shadow because the light was so sharp and it would destroy the picture.

So it was pretty fun to do all of this. We had a lot of fun when we were experimenting with the light and I hope we can do it again sometimes. 
And last;
A picture of me and Maria with the reflector thingy : D

-Ja Ne

mandag 8. november 2010

Aperture value

Okay, so I'm really behind with this blog so I'm just gonna try to upload all the blog entrys this week.
Some time ago we had about apertue value. We were working and experimenting with the various features of our cameras. Aperture regulates the depth of field in your picture.

You can clearly see the difference when we adjust the aperture value. On the first picture you see the background clearly an the cup in the front are all blurry and on the second picture, the cup is clear and the backround is blurry. On these pictures the aperture value is low.

On this picture, you can see everything clearly or so clearly as it can be, consider I took a picture in the window. Here, the aperture value, is very high.

So if you change the settings for the aperture value, the outcome can be drastically changed. And if you don't exactly know what the hell you are doing, you'r pictures might end up like this:

I have just one word for this; FAIL!

tirsdag 14. september 2010

Shutter speed

Today, we learned more about shutter speed. We had to go outside and 'play around' with the camera, so we could see how the pictures would turn out if we changed the shutter speed. It was really fun, actually. We got some pretty awesome pictures. Here are some of them: 

 This is Maria's scarf, that we were throwing around in the air 
and tried to take pictures when it sailed through the wind.
I really like this picture for some weird reason. I'm not quite sure why, but oh well, I like it xD

Ahahaha xD this is a picture you could say that we failed at, big time! xD
We were trying out something new, but the result didn't turn out so well. =w= oh well, better luck next time.
Aaaaaaaaand in this picture, I were trying to make a heart by using the light on my telephone....Even though I failed at making a heart, we managed to do what we were trying to do so...VICTORY! *insert victory sign here* xD

That's all for now. I still have 2 more blog entries to make xD I were supposed to put them out earlier, but as I already have said, I'm slooooow at updating ^^U

-Ja Ne ^^

torsdag 2. september 2010


The second task was to take pictures of an umbrella...yes, an umbrella for god sake xD
We were divided into groups of 4-5 people because not everyone had an umbrella. On my group, it was me, Maria, Lilly and Maren.We decided to head outside the school to take pictures. OF COURSE I had forgotten my camera though, so I couldn't take any pictures myself  :C
Anyway, it worked out well so I could do what the teacher told us to do. =w=

After we had taken the pictures, we sent them to our pc (or mac.) and started to edit them in Adobe Bridge.
I only edited one though... and this is the result:

It's a poor lonely umbrella in the middle of a road T_T poor thing.

I can't really remember what I did with the picture, except change the contrast a lot. Awww why do I have to be so slow with updating? I just forget what I do in class if I take to much time :C Damn!

-Ja Ne ^^

tirsdag 24. august 2010

First task

The first task we got, was to walk around on the school and take pictures.
The pictures were supposed to be abstract.(Though I kinda failed on that part ^^U) Here are three of the pictures that I took.

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